Lose configuration of "Permitted Diskstation Devices" lately?

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Lose configuration of "Permitted Diskstation Devices" lately?

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I have several diskstations connected directly to UPS units via USB, and those Diskstations act as network UPS servers for other Diskstations powered by the same UPS.
I noticed this morning that all of my Diskstations acting as UPS servers (configured under Control Panel / Hardware & Power / UPS) had forgotten the list of permitted diskservers which are allowed to be their clients. As a result, the client Diskstations were not going to be told to shut down promptly and smoothly in the event of a power outage.

Has anyone else seen this? I'm wondering if it happened during the upgrade to (one of the several versions of) 6.2.2-24922.
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Interesting that you post this. Last night I could no longer log onto Plex (LAN or LAN). Cycling Plex package had no effect, so I restarted NAS and was again able to log in.

During the restart, I received obligatory emails that UPS had been interrupted on the sister NAS (to be expected), but reading your post, I checked and see that UPS is not found on the primary NAS this morning (I'm rebooting again now). Not sure what happened as I've made no recent updates.

EDIT: Reboot of primary NAS completed and now UPS is shown again (also received email notifications confirming all NAS has been connected to UPS). Strange days have found us.
Mine seems fine. I’m on the last one too like @fredbert.

@Siewert_JR had something similar earlier…

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