Lose configuration of "Permitted Diskstation Devices" lately?

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Lose configuration of "Permitted Diskstation Devices" lately?


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I have several diskstations connected directly to UPS units via USB, and those Diskstations act as network UPS servers for other Diskstations powered by the same UPS.
I noticed this morning that all of my Diskstations acting as UPS servers (configured under Control Panel / Hardware & Power / UPS) had forgotten the list of permitted diskservers which are allowed to be their clients. As a result, the client Diskstations were not going to be told to shut down promptly and smoothly in the event of a power outage.

Has anyone else seen this? I'm wondering if it happened during the upgrade to (one of the several versions of) 6.2.2-24922.


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List of permitted NAS is still there in my DS215j (DSM 6.2.2 latest, the actual latest, not the three earlier latest). The list is the IP addresses.

I only upgraded to 6.2.2 once, not the earlier 6.2.2 that had the reduced UPS settings.


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Interesting that you post this. Last night I could no longer log onto Plex (LAN or LAN). Cycling Plex package had no effect, so I restarted NAS and was again able to log in.

During the restart, I received obligatory emails that UPS had been interrupted on the sister NAS (to be expected), but reading your post, I checked and see that UPS is not found on the primary NAS this morning (I'm rebooting again now). Not sure what happened as I've made no recent updates.

EDIT: Reboot of primary NAS completed and now UPS is shown again (also received email notifications confirming all NAS has been connected to UPS). Strange days have found us.
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Mine seems fine. I’m on the last one too like @fredbert.

@Siewert_JR had something similar earlier…

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