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Solved lost data

I installed Drive Server but when I uninstalled it I also deleted all my data (I ticked the option to delete the system database not realising it also meant delete the user database!). How to rebuild it please? I have 3 x 10tb in raid 5 in a single data folder with 4.5Tb of data.


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there is an option - data restoration - painful process for non-skilled person, but you can do it.
What kind of Filesystem ext3,ext4 or btrfs?

Never tried for the Drive (uninstalled).
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Solved, data was there but permissions and cache issues prevented it being seen. Thanks to all.

Phewww skating on thin ice there. I thought it was gone on you. Glad you got it back. How did you find out it was a permission and cache issue?
I raised a ticket on the Synology forum. They asked for access so I created a new admin account and when I checked it I could then see the missing "data" folder and all its contents! I checked my two original DS admin accounts and discovered that view access for "data" on one of them (the one I guess I had used) had not been ticked! However when I connected to the DS from my Mac I still couldn't see "data". Synology ticket guy advised it was probably cache so I should reboot the Mac. Bingo!

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