Love the concept and what it does offer

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Love the concept and what it does offer

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Just thought I would comment on the Note Station app in case anyone from Synology does any forum reading about it.

I love the concept and what functionality it does have but it can be much more. I hope as it evolves it will pick up the flexibility and options that Scrivener has. I would also like to see better options for organizing my notes by creating deeper or more layered file structures, it is currently limited. Drag and drop pics and files. Let me edit screenshots by using a picture editor or similar feature to write and highlight things - immensely useful on my iPad w/ Apple Pencil.

I use Note Station for personal and work purposes. Mainly for researching info and recalling the notes that I made. I love to paste links to sites and vids. Also would be helpful to have some type of reference manager attached to it to cite my sources since it is required for my work.

I wonder how others are using it or if anyone is using an app that I might not be aware of.
I used to use it. Didn't like it's web clipping limits, nor locking myself into Synology. Don't expect any development; there may be bug fixes, but that's the best you can hope for. Synology software is "good enough", but not great or outstanding. I'd rate most packages at C+ overall. Nothing at all that you might expect on an Apple/Linux/Windows PC.

Welcome to the forum!
Great perspectives. I appreciate the information.
And, WOW! Bookstacks looks like the wiki I have always wanted.
Thanks Telos and Rusty.
I tried it for a while.
It is good enough for what it does. Used it in Windows, iOs and Ubuntu.
Unfortunately, the lack of a Fedora client app and the lack of a web clipper for Firefox turned me away.

On the other hand the citation is beyond the scope of programs like this.

For citation have a look at Zotero.
It is a fantastic program,
free, extensive citation capabilities, web clippers, Word an other plugins, pdf info retrieval and indexing etc.
I use Note Station very often for old sorts of organizing. I guess I'm on the other end of the spectrum, since I love its simplicity and hope they won't add to much extra junk to it.

I just wish they would develop the Web Clipper plugin for real browsers like Firefox and Safari instead of just privacy invading Chrome.
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Used it for a while. One thing I really hated about it is that when I take pictures (iOS DS note) it also adds the picture to my camera roll! I want the picture in the note and not anywhere else.
I contacted support about it and they were like why do you want to do that?!

The other thing was that I don’t have control over when to sync. All of this and the fact that the iOS app is so ugly and I’m a sucker for good design :)

Managed to install and run BookStack, but I think I want something simpler. The search continues :)

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