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Hi folks! I already have a WD M.2 cache and it's all doing it's thing just fine as a read-only cache. However, I repurchased the same device (to ensure 100% compatibility) and fitted it just today. It's been a long time since I purchased & installed the original M.2 though and my memory is a little rusty as I can't for the life of me remember how to get it working within DSM7. When I put the first one in, I was running DSM 6.x and I think the set up must have changed. I've googled it and all the online instructions do not tally with what I see in my NAS system.

To the left is what my Storage Manager looks like... nothing close to the online resources. I'm usually sufficiently aware to be able to follow instructions on installing & repairing technology, but I am feeling a little lost now.

So, in short:

I have 1 M.2 working as read-only perfectly well, installed via DSM 6.x

I have an identical M.2 that I can't initialize to make the system Read/Write cache enabled. It's just sitting there...

I am running DSM 7.x on a DS920+

Any & all help welcomed....
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Never mind...

It seems I've had to remove the first via DSM and then create a new pool which is R/W enabled... I had assumed I could just add one at a time, seems that isn't the case.

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