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I'm claiming 'app-ify' is a word. I also can't remember if I mentioned this before.

I've long used Fluid on Mac to app-ify websites. You take the URL of the site and it will make a self-contained application using the favicon for the app or you add your own.

You can use it for just a single webpage, like direct access to DSM packages. Or, you can add a bookmark bar with menu links to various pages. For the price (free or $5) it's rather good.

If you pay the $5 upgrade you can use the pin-to-menubar (and a couple of other) feature. I've used this to create my own DS Audio for Mac and pinned it to the menubar for easy access. Also an isolated Facebook app for the rare occasion I use that (cycle club insists on it). What else?

Feedbin, BBC Weather, work's OWA, Garmin Connect, Strava, dictionary apps ... basically anything where having a separate browser window would be useful but you don't want the resize you use to be come the default for new windows (sheesh, why does that happen?).

I had the paid v1 and now paid v2. The differences are mostly hidden in the backend and some preferences are tidied up. I've found Audio Station's 'download selected tracks' works in v1 but in v2 there's a bug so an empty zip is created. I've emailed a bug report but I can still use v1 (or Safari if absolutely needed).

The original v1 (back in 2013 when I bought it) had a paid feature to use separate cookies etc from Safari. This is why I paid.

I now notice that this feature has gone so can only assume there is some sandboxing in Mac OS that prevents sharing and makes the feature obsolete, or it's a standard feature even in the last v1.8.6.

Testing if cookies are shared or not: I do need to re-authenticate in Safari when using my direct Audio Station URL even when I've already logged in using Fluid's AS app. So does seem they use separate cookies etc.

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