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Question Mail server log time is incorrect

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Question Mail server log time is incorrect

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I'm running mail server (not plus).
There was an update today. I updated and I think it screwed up the time in the mail log.
Now it's offset by whatever I have in the time zone!

Strangely, if I export the the log (to HTML), the correct time is shown!

Anyone seeing that? I've created a ticket.
Thx. I've not updated yet. I might wait to see if this is a problem that needs a quick fix.

The vulnerability fix isn't an issue for me as my Dovecot IMAP isn't externally accessible: any recovery to my archive mail server can be done via the home LAN/VPN. Also, don't want to have to redo the catch-all configuration edits twice.
It's an easy one: yes there's a time shift.

It's currently 15:12 UK summertime (GMT+1). Last mail into my own account is logged at 15:41 (Mail Server's Logs page). Looking at the RoundCube, the received time in the raw message head has a last timestamp of 14:41:30 +0100 (IST).

When I export the Postfix logs (it's an option of the Export button) from Mail Server Logs and find the same message then it is 14:41:29. So, within a second or so, the Postfix log and raw message headers are the same but Mail Server's summary log is ahead by an hour: is Mail Server adding double summertime?

I find that the Postfix logs are most useful anyway. On Mac they can be opened directly in BBEdit (it's suffix .dms but is just a .txt in reality).

[it was 15:12 when I started to reply, but it took a while and then about 10 minutes to actually Post Reply ... what there a server issue @SynoMan?]
is Mail Server adding double summertime?
So it’s happening to you too.
It’s adding whatever time zone shift you have. If you change your time zone on the DS to GMT+8 for example, it will add 8 hours to the current time for all the mail logs (even the old ones in the log).
If you export (Postfix or HTML), the reflected time is correct :)
I assume if you go the opposite way (a GMT-x) it’ll deduct.

I’ll ignore it until they fix it.
There was a similar issue with the original SRM 1.2 Safe Access time schedule. Either the time grid or the text on the summary page said access on/off was non-daylight saving even when in local summertime. It got fixed eventually.

We tested it and my son soon told me when it was right :)(y)
just wanted to chime in, a mere 3+ years later, that this "feature" of having the wrong date in the mail log continues. The time stamp is close to right. and the export does show the correct date, just as you said. for me, it's off by 24 hours, not the time-zone offset.

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