MailPlus - how to quickly organize a large number of e-mails

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MailPlus - how to quickly organize a large number of e-mails

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Since Synology Mailplus writes that it is a package for companies, among others, it expects that it has prepared some solution for quick mail management.

When I get around 70 e-mails a day, it's important to quickly move them to the appropriate mailboxes (I have more than 300 mailboxes), but i don't see such solution in this package. The following solutions exist for other email clients (just two examples):
a) when the mail arrives, it is immediately filtered into the folder, but I have folder with all Unreaded mail. Thanks to that I have a list of e-mails that I have not read but are already placed in folders.
b) all new e-mails come to my inbox and when I choose the e-mail, I can activate the filter manually, which will move it to the appropriate folder. (this is better solution)

Is there a similar solution to one of the two examples in MailPlus?

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