MailPlus license pack.. worth it?

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MailPlus license pack.. worth it?

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I'm running MailPlus for a couple of years now. Mine and several other family members have a mailbox on it and actively use it. I'm reaching the limit of the free 5 mailbox license, so I thought let's have a look at how much it costs to raise the max to 10 mailboxes. Synology Mail Server (MailPlus 20 Licenses): Computers & Accessories

But wow, that price is outrageous for just 5 extra mailboxes......?? Does anyone thing it's worth it? I'm sure I could use it, but man I didnt expect it to be that expensive.. .
For my usage as a backup mail server (it gets sent a copy of messages from a paid email & hosting service) I can't justify the price of MailPlus: I run Mail Server and Mail Station for archive retrieval. I think if you go over the 5 licences then the AV and/or spam filters get disabled but otherwise the server still works.

I recall reading that if you run two NAS with MailPlus in a high availability/resilient configuration then the free licences will be merged ... i.e. 5 + 5 = 10. And if that was the case then it might make more sense just to buy the smallest [cheapest] NAS that runs MailPlus and add it to the primary.

Yes, the licence is a bit 'HOW MUCH????'.
I run Mail Server and Mail Station, though Mail Station doesn't get much use.... I typically read and respond to the mail that's handled by Mail Server in Outlook. I've never seen the point of upgrading to the paid MailPlus, as Mail Server does everything I need. For those who use MailPlus, I'm curious: What do you have to have, that is not offered by Mail Server, that makes MailPlus worth the price?
Pros of MailPlus over Mail Server/Station:
  1. The webmail of MailPlus is a lot better and not stuck on an old version of RoundCube.
  2. The webmail is linked (or will be with new Contacts package) to your address book.
  3. GUI support for adding catch-all accounts (mail to addresses without an account go here).
  4. .Maildir in a user's File Station home is not visible ... it's not held there at all and so less likely for a novice to 'clean up' stuff they don't use.
That's what comes to mind and I address by:
  1. Just use Mail Station as an archive repository so mostly this is used for finding old messages. But desktop and mobile mail client work as per normal with any mail service.
  2. Haven't resolved this, but see 1.
  3. See my tutorial for adding a catch-all address.
  4. I setup the LDAP Server, added a duplicate user for each Local user, and use this for Mail Server. The .Maildir is now not in their normal home folder. These LDAP users have otherwise very limited access to NAS services ... mostly login to be able to change password.
So, based on that, I think that for someone who doesn't much use the webmail feature, doesn't have to deal with newbie users, and is using Mail Server primarily for its server function, there's not a lot of benefit to Plus.

Which obviously means that Mail Station and Mail Server will soon be discontinued. :-(

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