mailplus: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table

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mailplus: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table

I have a local user who I tried to send an email and get the message: "Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table". The user is valid, I've logged into the account to test and see if that would fix the problem. It didn't. I can send a message from an outside server without any problem, it's only local delivery to that particular recipient that fails. I can send to other local accounts.

What happened:

My DS415+ (running DSM 6.2.x -latest) had the resistor failure. Before I realized what was going wrong with the DSM, I moved the drives to another working DSM and at that point was presented with the Upgrade to 7 option. Wanting to expedite being back online, I opted to try the upgrade option. It failed - of course - with a message not much better than that.

So, I went back to troubleshoot the DS415+, fixed it, and proceeded to manually "upgrade" using the downloaded latest version of DSM 6.2.x. and mucked up my system. Restored settings (.dss file) and proceeded to restore applications and data. Many applications needed tweaking to get back up and running - web station and related, Drive server, MailPlus, security settings, firewall... etc.

I seem to have a well functioning system with the exception of a couple of things. The strange mail issue noted above and when I log in and configure my desktop widgets, ordering them to please me, the system doesn't save my preferences and the widgets are displayed in an order apparently chosen by the DSM OS when I log off and back on.

Any input appreciated!

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