Make Dropbox accessible with Cloud Sync and Drive?

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Make Dropbox accessible with Cloud Sync and Drive?


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I must have been asleep last month when Dropbox announced that their free accounts will be limited to three devices using their desktop and mobile sync app. I've four and if I need to change one then I have to deregister two and add the new device, thereby losing one in the process.

I already have Cloud Sync linked to Dropbox, but I hardly ever change anything on the NAS's copy. It's sync'ed to a folder in my Drive folder and could be sync'ed to my Mac instead of using the Dropbox sync app: at present I exclude this Dropbox folder from Drive's sync task on my Macs.

The issue I'm wondering about: Is having two sync processes running on the same data going to cause any problem?

I'm trying to remember if I have any Mac apps that rely on Dropbox sync integrity for their data files, but I think I either changed how I use them or no longer use them. Maybe I can uninstall the Dropbox Mac app and rely on Drive.

On iOS there are still a few apps I use (e.g. Editorial) that only accept Dropbox but most have added iOS Files API support. I will have use Dropbox app to access local files.
Probably I'm unique doing this.

I've been slowly migrating my cloud documents to Drive, as such my use of Dropbox has been progressively getting less.

Of the three Mac apps that had used Dropbox sync I've found they either already support alternatives, are in the process of creating their own sync service, or really can be used via Drive. So that's easy, I'll use Dropbox with Cloud Sync and Drive now. And work has already blocked access to Dropbox (and only Dropbox), so I won't miss it there.
It wasn’t stated but it may be suspicion about how securely content is held. I need to reappraise myself with if they securely vault the content or not. If not then ‘only you have access statements’ will be dependent on how well they control admin access to infrastructure.
No Dropbox experiences. Google drive or One drive synced with NAS (FileStation), then synced by cloud sync back to SynoDrive works perfectly, this is my primary reason to usage of SynoDrive. Versioning and step back when some sync trobles is attacking your final ver. Perfect (integrated by OS-Win/Mac). There are some improvements missing now - shared link inspector and etc.
The only vendor app I installed on Mac was Dropbox, for my other cloud accounts (Box etc.) then these are only on the Mac via Cloud Sync and Drive. However, I don't use them much.

When I need to release devices due to the new Dropbox limits then I'm going to remove Dropbox sync app on Mac too.

For business there's been both an organised move to cloud services, and uncontrolled personal use of cloud. The issue is employees using personal account for ease of use without thought to what security they are using: e.g. unintended exposure to data leakage.

There is a move to add in CASB (cloud access security broker) services between business users and cloud services. These would then implement polices to monitor and control monitor not just user access but how a user interacts with cloud data (e.g. making or attempting to send copies).

I've only see Dropbox used for personal reasons not business, maybe that's why it was ok to block the whole domain.

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