"Malicious startup scripts were found on your system"

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"Malicious startup scripts were found on your system"

DS920+, DS416slim
Operating system
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When I run the Security Advisor, this is the only thing that pops up, and as Medium severity.

Problem is, I can't work out how to see what this is referring to so I have no idea what to do.

Any pointers please?
I just noticed this again.


Is this anything I should worry about? I think it's something to do with VPN server but I don't know how to verify that or troubleshoot.

Google says maybe something to do with OpenVPN in docker. I don't do that, I only have OpenVPN running in VPN server. In docker I just have BubbleUPnP Server running.
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tun.sh (check it via a text editor) is usually a script that is needed to start up vpn adapters. In most cases this is needed on DSM 7 system for certain docker VPN solutions (wireguard or openvpn).

need to work out how to do that, then i will check - thanks.

Maybe something that you have used in the past?

don't think i've tried it in the past - but can't remember for sure!
bubbleupnp server has some external capabilities, even though i don't use them, so it's possible that's the cause.
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