DS video Manage DS Video files using the "Mark As Watched" flag?

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DS video Manage DS Video files using the "Mark As Watched" flag?

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Greetings all,

I have multiple Synology NAS devices and I recently upgraded my DS 218+ and wanted to give it to my niece so she can use it to watch the videos on it using her Chromcast device running the DS Video app. She is not so technically savvy and so won't go into the DSM and manage the videos she has watched by moving them out of their system folders or deleting them.

I was wondering if it's possible to ask her to flag the videos she has watched by using the "Mark As Watched" option in DS Video and periodically I could get on her system and remove files flagged as watched??? Better yet schedule a cron job to do just that...

Any thoughts?
I think you can do this, but you may have to login as her to find the watched movies.
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Thanks for your response. The way you've answered my question makes me think your solution is a manually done job using the DS Video interface to identify if movies have been watched and then deleting them using a shell? I had hoped this could be done in a cron job? What is written where, to flag the movie as having been watched? Is the status stored in some txt file or data store personally associated to the user? Logging in as her isn't a problem, manually going through all the video she might have watched time wise kind of is...
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I see there is an @eaDir folder in every directory on the device. In that is a directory for every file found in the previous directory. In the directory named for the video is a file called SYNOINDEX_MEDIA_INFO which when displayed appears to be text contain text on four lines. The first line in this case is marked as 22 and contains serialization::archive and a string of numbers. The second line starts with a 0 and contains the videos name and path, some dates, the codec and a bunch of numbers and apparent screen size. The third line starts with 1 and has a string of numbers after it including -99, 10, 0s and 1s. Finally the last line starts with 2 and appears to have the screen size and a bunch of related numbers?

Is one of these characters in the file the watched flag?
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