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I was hoping to use Download Station on my NAS (7.1) to periodically pull some large file folders from a few different ftp sites to the NAS for backup. There are several folders per site with a few GB of files in each folder. Adding "exclusions" for a few unneeded subfolders would also be nice. I'd like to schedule these tasks to be run every few days (different dates/times for each site to backup).

It seems pretty straightforward (currently doing it on a PC with WinSCP, but was hoping to off-load this task to the NAS). Is this a job that Download Station can be corralled to do? I was a bit surprised at the simplicity (aka crudeness) of it when I first loaded it, but wondered if I am missing something. If a different package on the NAS would be better at this, feel free to point me in that direction. Thanks ...
DS will allow for FTP downloads but all downloads from all protocols will end up in the same (single root) destination folder that is configured inside its settings. Scheduled downloads are not an option (within the app itself) but you could make a script and schedule it inside the Control Panel > Schedule to do some basic downloads.

Ofc that will not be monitored or covered by DS, so I guess that is not an option for you.

Considering you are running a J series model, Docker is not an option so running some other capable platform is also not an option other than checking out some official 3rd party packages over at Synocommunity. If you find some, you can add the repository URL to your Package Center and install apps that way.
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