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Mapping NAS in Windows

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Is there a clever way of mapping *all* Diskstation-folders with one network-mapping in Windows? Right now I have to map each shared folder as one volume which annoys me slightly. Typing "\\diskstation" in Explorer I guess work but I want a faster way.


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One idea I can think of that just popped into my head while reading this post is to create a new share on your NAS, then --mount bind all your shares into that new share. Then you can map a network drive from your Windows to that NAS. But this something I'd prefer not to do.

In a more enterprise environment, I'd use Microsoft's DFSN solution.
I may misunderstand what you are trying to do, but on Windows 10, in the left hand column of Explorer, below Quick Access, This PC, is Network, which automatically lists my NAS as well as my two laptops. Clicking on the '>' opens the NAS and lists such folders as Music, Photo, Video, Home, a NAS Share, etc. I don't believe I had to map anything to do with the NAS.

(BTW, one problem I have with the above is that I cannot drag and drop files onto say the Music Folder; I have to open the Music Folder and then drag and drop inside it. Seems to be a permissions challenge I have not solved.)
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I may also be misunderstanding as if I wanted to mount everything on one windows drive letter I would K.I.S.S. and create one share \\diskstation\everything, and then create folders in the root of that share for documents, music, photos, videos etc - instead of creating a separate share for each one.

Are the permissions or backup regime or something else different for each type of content that requires them to be setup as separate shares on the Diskstation?

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Is there a clever way of mapping *all* Diskstation-folders with one network-mapping in Windows?
Mapping implies drive letters... but another approach is simply to create a Desktop shortcut (or wherever you want the shortcut to reside) and set the target as //MNASname or // (your NAS IP), or whatever other paths you have to connect to you NAS.

With such a shortcut, all shared folders are displayed in a Windows File Explorer window (using the appropriate login credentials).

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