Mariadb10 password strength on DSM 7.01-42218

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Mariadb10 password strength on DSM 7.01-42218

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Hello all.

NOTE: I have solved the issue by editing the users table in the MYSQL database and generating a new password in the password field (type PASSWORD) and then copying the value to the authentication_string field. Not elegant but it will solved some problems temporarily

Here's my issue. I updated today to DSM 7.01 from DSM One of my apps requires access to MariaDB. I have already migrated (a while back) my db files from MariaDB5 to 10 . My issue is the access from the app. The app is hardcoded with a password that doesn't meet the minimum requirements of MariaDB10. Before I updated to DSM 7.01, I was able to edit (by ssh) the my.cnf file by commenting out the synology_password_check = FORCE_PLUS_PERMANENT and the plugin_load_add = synology_password_check lines. These lines don't seem to exist ANY MORE in the current my.cnf files which are located at /volume1/@appstore/MariaDB10/usr/local/mariadb10/etc/mysql and /usr/loca/mariadb10/etc/mysql .

Any ideas?


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