Maximize transfer of large and a lot of files from Lacie DAS

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Maximize transfer of large and a lot of files from Lacie DAS

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In a my setup I have a 5TB LACIE DAS attached to a Macbook (DAS via USB bridge to MAC) which is used for media serving of audio files. I use the Synology in this case only as backup (MAC via wifi to NAS). From time to time I want to make a fresh backup from the DAS to the NAS (+/- 3TB of files). What the best setup to improve transfer speed and stability (I assume that the USB bridge, MAC, MAC wifi are major blockages here). Can I connect the Lacie DAS directly to the Synology NAS via USB? P.S. Remember the DAS is formatted for the MAC.

Your NAS supports external USB drives formatted in HFS+ but not AFPS. So you can directly connect the LaCie drive.

My method for backing up Mac internal and external disks is to use Carbon Copy Cloner. For internal disks I make bootable clones to external USB 3 SSD and HDD. For external [non-boot] data disks I clone these to other external disks and NAS shared folder. Using the SafetyNet feature allows for deleted source files to be moved and saved until space is needed. Plus there are plenty of filtering and other features to do what I need.

My multimedia external disk is backed up the the NAS and then these folders are accessible to media players (read-only!).
Thx for this and I will set something up for continuous DAS backup in the future, However, now for one time I have to backup the 3TB files from DAS to NAS. The DAS was formatted in MACos extended journal. Is there a trick to hookup the DAS in this format to the Synology. I guess not??
Shouldn't be anything special. I'm not sure exactly which LaCie device you have but you can see the USB cable type you need (i.e. not USB C).

The drive will be mounted as a shared folder in File Station, called something like usbshare1. You can also see it listed in Control Panel -> External Devices and can eject it from there.
But does that mean that the Synology can read from a LACIE external harddrive which is formatted in MACos extended journal?

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