Solved Me again......This time its MariaDB

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Solved Me again......This time its MariaDB

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Hello all,

I thought I'd give myself a new challenge today and take a look at NextCloud. After installation (which was relatively pain-free), I arrived at the login/account creation page. After several unsuccessful attempts to get it up and running with a MySQL/MariaDB database, I remembered what Rusty had told me a day or two ago, that I would need MariaDB and phpMyAdmin to run along side it in their own dockers.

Anyway, I downloaded and ran MariaDB via Docker and the only change I made was the port (auto -> 3306). My problem however is that it keeps restarting and throwing up the following errors in the log (attached screenshot). Can I ask, how do I go about configuring MariaDB (specifically the password which the error relates too) with some sort of gui, rather than command line, which most tutorials deal in? Is this something that is even possible?

Last, and so that you have all the information, I am yet to download phpMyAdmin.....I thought I'd try and focus on one problem at a time. Knowing my luck, not having this installed is probably the cause of my problems.

Thanks as always.


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