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Info Media gallery - Photos and Videos


Dear forum members and visitors!

Today we have implemented the Media section where you can upload images or embed videos from various services.

In the Media gallery you can find useful videos, images of home networks from our members and other related stuff.

You can comment and rate media items, add a note or tag a user. You can even create a personal album with privacy settings, for instance, to show your album only to registered users or to specific members only (note that staff may have permission to view personal albums and their content regardless of privacy settings).

Check help links:


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DS216+II : DS118 : APC Back UPS ES 700 — Mac/iOS user
Thank you so much. I’ll need sometime to digest all this :)
I’m barely recovering from the changes to the menu at the top. Not that there’s anything wrong, just my OCD :D


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1811+, 3x 1813+, 214play ... multisite Ubiquiti Unifi networks (USG-Pro,PoE,NanoHD)
Operating system
Linux, Windows
Mobile operating system
Android, iOS
great and also dangerous idea for the data spending :cool:
@WST16 will prepare few 8K videos and you will have to purchase new 100TB HDD in your near grocery store.


Don’t worry, video uploading is not allowed. But you can upload it to YT and embed it here 😀

Images are scaled and with size limit, from time to time I run image optimization in the background for all attachments.

I’m aware of the data spending area, but I think we can make it work.

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