Migrate from ext4 to btrfs

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Migrate from ext4 to btrfs

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Hello, i have a synology ds216+ with 2 8tb Disks ext4
i recently bought a ds920 and 1 more 16tb disk

i wanted to move my 2 old disks to the ds920 and add the 16tb and migrate to btrfs.

1) i was afraid of directly migrating my disks so i decided to use the migration assistant. I insert the 16tb drive alone. Create a shr, btrfs volume and thought that the migration would just move everything without destroying my freshly created volume.
No luck. After waiting 24h for raid to sync, then 24h more hours to migrate, i discovered that the volume was ext4 .

i decided then to migrate the 2 old disks directly to the ds920, and remove the 16tb disk, keeping it as a backup in case something goes wrong.

2) the migration went fine. I decided to add the 16tb disk in slot 3 after having formatted the drive (no need of a backup since the migration went fine)
i created a shr, btrfs volume on this drive. I moved all the shared folders from volume1 to volume2(the one on the 16tb drive)
i moved the drive app database. I moved the maria db database (don’t know why i have this package installed)
i thought i could then delete both drives 1 and 2 and then re add them to create an shr btrfs bigger adding them to the storage pool with drive 3
But DSM don’t let me delete storage pool 1 it says it is not possible because of all the apps that are still on the first 2 drives

can somebody help me achieve what i want to do? I am know backuping everything. My shared folders are still on the 3rd drive (16tb)
i should have start fromscratch and rebuild a whole system on the 16tb, then move data from ds216 to ds920 using network then add the 2 drives to ds920.
thanks for your help
then move data from ds216 to ds920 using network then add the 2 drives to ds920.
Keep in mind that you would not be able to add smaller drives to your SHR array made with bigger drives.

My recommendation would be to start fresh with 16Tb in 920. Copy the data from the old nas, configure the apps on 920, and then as a final move, place the old pair of drives into 920 as a separate volume. Wipe it inside 920 and covert it to a new volume 2 btrf.
Thanks for your help. It’s even worse than what i thought. I didn’t know i couldn’t add smaller drives to my SHR array
Thx. And now that i have 2 volumes on the 920. Would the system boot if i remove both drives 1 and 2 (volume1)?
Ok. So i could try to remove the 2 drives and try reinstalling apps and if everything goes wrong, i can replug the 2 drives and everything will be as i left the system just before removing the drives?

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