Solved Migrating DS212 to DS218+ Really appreciate suggestions/cautions, experiences

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Solved Migrating DS212 to DS218+ Really appreciate suggestions/cautions, experiences

Ordered the 4GB, should arrive on Tuesday at which point I will perform the delicate surgery. :)

From what I can tell it will be a lot quicker than adding memory in my old PCs from back in the day, when I had to unscrew, what, 20 teeny little screws to get into my PC's case. ;-)
Memory arrived, installed in a few minutes (longest wait was to shut down and restart the DS218+).

Booted up perfectly, and has been running in zippy style since. I didn't do any before/after timings so no objective data, but I could swear I hear a new jet-like "whoosh!!" every time the DS218+ does anything. :D

Thanks for the help!
Will do...warning message says it takes "...minutes to hours." Do you remember how long it took to run on your NAS w/8 MB? Can't have the NAS offline for hours at this time.
Memory test completed, no problems/errors reported. Took a while, started it arout 8:30, when I went to bed at 11 it was 75% complete.

Thanks for the suggestion, @Telos, more peace of mind knowing I've done some due dilligence on the upgrade. :)

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