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Migrating existing Ubiquity UniFi Controller to Docker in Synology NAS

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Migrating existing Ubiquity UniFi Controller to Docker in Synology NAS

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Some googled guides doesn't work.
Then you can save a time with this one.
Simple and perfect!
Thanks to JackobAlberty we have stable and helpful management of Ubiquiti Unifi environment in Docker.

1. Upgrade your existing Unifi controler to last ver in line with last ver from repository
2. Make a Backup in Settings/Maitenance --- Download Backup (it doesn't matter when)

Unifi controller in Docker Installation:
1. Open Docker

2. Search in REGISTRY for: unifi

then chose Jacobalberty/unity image for download

3. then LAUNCH the downloaded image

4. Then EDIT the Container

Enable Auto restart
then in Advanced Settings:
setup just Volume for the Unifi Controller:

and in Network - check "Use the same network as Docker host.
That's it! Finnish the Setup of the Container.

5. Run the Container


6. In DSM Firewall Create these port rules:
8080/tcp - Device command/control
8443/tcp - Web interface + API
8843/tcp - HTTPS portal
8880/tcp - HTTP portal
3478/udp - STUN service
6789/tcp - Speed Test (unifi5 only)
10001/udp - UBNT Discovery

7. Open Browser and put there:
... this is your new Docker installation
and take break for a coffee :cool:

8. Just install plain Controller stage (as for the new one) .... it really simple, then no guide is necessary, but you can google when necessary

9. When new Controller is finished, you can continue to big final stage = Backup Restore (downloaded file in Preparation stage from your existing Controller).

9. Last stage - Devices Migration:
- check all the Restored settings - if everything is correct - to be sure
then use Settings/Site ... Export Site button (below)

and follow the steps:
- download the Site backup (you don't need it, because you have already Restored whole Controller, but this step is mandatory)
- select devices to Migration from current to New Controller (NAS)
- do it.
Note: why don't use Export Site for the Backup/Restore procedure? Because you need move to your Container your user/admin Credentials this is missing in the Export site procedure.

Then you have finished migration of your UNIFI Controller to NAS environment. Advantages:
- 24/7 operation (up to your NAS operation)
- availability anywhere from LAN and WAN (don't forget for a Reverse proxy setup with 8443 port) ... no need installation, no need Unifi Cloud paid service
- Hot spot portal (vouchers, ...) available upon NAS operation (issued from WAN also). Same for Hot spot manager.
- you have all necessary data of your whole controller in your NAS, then upgrade or migration to another NAS is really simple. Tested by "delete" of the Container, then new installation of the container with existing data will save your time from points 6 - 9.

You welcome!
Thx, Ubiquity is still new environment for me. I spent a time with reading of possibilities. You can everyday find something new, as in Syno.
And also it was my idea to open “parallel” resource stream, because NAS and networking is a joint venture.
So gents, you can open the new channel - network.
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