Migrating from DS1512+ ext4 to DS1618+ Btrfs

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Migrating from DS1512+ ext4 to DS1618+ Btrfs

I need to migrate the ext4 volume on my existing DS1512+ to a Btrfs volume on a new DS1618+.

The DS1512+ is SHR-1 4x3TB (bay 5 is empty) with one storage pool containing a single 8TB ext4 volume that occupies the entire storage pool. Approximately 1.5TB of the 8TB is used.

I do NOT want to move drives from the DS1512+ to the DS1618+ as the DS1512+ drives have been spinning 24x7 for 8 years.

I have 6x8TB drives available in the DS1618+. I would like to use SHR-2 on the DS1618+ since I have an extra bay available.

If necessary/helpful to aid in the migration process, I have both an 8TB external USB 3.0 hard drive, and another Synology NAS available to use in the migration process as a backup destination.

I would like to switch from ext4 to Btrfs. I would also like to enable the "data checksum for advanced data integrity" on the shared folder Advanced tab which enables file system scrubbing as part of data scrubbing. At the moment, all the shared folders (including the homes directory for the users home directories) have the data checksum feature disabled. (Not sure if this is because the volume is ext4 or because these shared folders were created before this feature existed in DSM, but the option says once the shared folder is created the option cannot be changed.)

The options that I'm aware of are Migration Assistant and Hyper Backup/Restore.

I would normally have chosen Migration Assistant if it supported the conversion of my volume from ext4 to Btrfs during the migration, since this method is most likely to recreate all of the existing DS1512+ configuration and settings on the DS1618+, but it does not. So I would end up with an ext4 volume on the DS1618+. Btrfs is one of the main motivations for the migration, in addition to getting off 8 year old hardware.

The other alternative seems to be setting up the DS1618+ from scratch, using HyperBackup to backup the DS1512+ to some destination (external USB, a second volume on the destination DS1618+, a volume on some other Synology NAS on my network, ???), and then restoring the hyperbackup from there onto a newly created Btrfs volume on the destination DS1618+. I have numerous concerns about this method.

First, I am unsure how to reproduce completely the configuration of my DS1512+ on the new DS1618+. The DS1512+ is 8 years old, and I don't remember all the configuration settings let alone all the various changes that have occurred over the time it's been in service. I am aware that I can go to the configuration backup tab of Update & Restore and backup the configuration of the DS1512+ and then restore it to the DS1618+. However, I'm not sure which of my DS1512+ settings this will transfer and which ones it won't, and so I'm not sure what I'll be missing. (Hence the appeal of Migration Assistant which recreates most everything.)

Second, I have never restored a backup using HyperBackup, so I'm not really sure how to use it. I have been backing up my DS1512+ to an external USB drive every evening at midnight. It's a single version backup that is basically a copy of my shared folders on the DS1512+. I have never restored anything from this backup using HyperBackup. Occasionally, when I accidentally delete a file from the DS1512+, I have restored that individual file using filestation by dragging a copy of the file from the prior evening's backup copy from the external USB drive to its former location on the DS1512+.

Third, I am concerned about how to change the "data checksum for advanced data integrity" and still restore my shared folders from the DS1512+ to the DS1618+. If I restore a backup with HyperBackup, I'm assuming it will restore the setting of this attribute as part of the restoration process, since it's an attribute of the shared folder. I don't know whether or not it would help to create the top level shared folders on the Btrfs volume on the destination DS1618+ before starting the Hyper Backup restore, since Hyper Backup might either (i) delete and recreate the shared folders from the backup with the disabled data checksum setting, or (ii) leave the existing shared folders as is with the data checksum setting enabled and restore the backup data into the existing shared folders. If the former, I am going to be stuck with no file system scrubbing which is not desireable.

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated. The more detailed in instructions the better as I am not very sophisticated when it comes to DSM or Hyper Backup.


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