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Migration sanity check

So my trustly DS1512+ died, again. Power outage last winter gave me the blue LED of death that I was somehow able to recover from. Another power event last week had it happen again. This time the same repair process isn't working.

I'm either considering a) getting out of the NAS game (already offsited everything truly critical after last event) or b) doubling down and going with a new DS1821+.

Assuming I go with option b my plan was the following, and I'm looking for a sanity check that I'm not missing anything.

Move the old 5x3TB RAID-5 array to the DS1821+. Create a new SHR volume with 3x8TB drives. Copy the data from the old volume (R5) to the new volume (SHR). Once complete, delete the old R5 volume and re-add those drives to the SHR volume. My math says I should end up with a 31TB SHR volume.

What am I missing or not considering? Thanks.
Would not a UPS be a more reasonable purchase? To cover your next NAS? That will nicely cover: noise, sags & surges, drops and instant switchover’s. Sounds like you’ve had a few.
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+1 for adding a UPS.

You don’t say what else you are doing on the current NAS. If you run packages and want to keep their configurations then first would be to back that up. If you can backup the whole NAS with out using the 5x3 + 3x8 TB drives then you could start afresh with a new SHR setup. Then restore to it, otherwise other options would be:
  • Have two storage pools (there's more redundancy and a little less storage, i.e. one 3 TB drive's worth) keeping older drives separate from newer.
  • Keeping package configurations and shared folders:
    • Install the 5x3 TB and add new pool/s on the 8 TB drives and backup to them.
    • Rebuild the 5x3 TB as SHR and restore from the backup.
    • Add the 8 TB drives to the new SHR to expand it.
  • Restarting with new package configurations but keeping shared folders:
    • Install the 5x3 TB and add new pool/s on the 8 TB drives
    • Use Control Panel to reassign shared folders from current volume to volumes on 8 TB drive pools.
    • Rebuild the 5x3 TB as SHR and move back the shared folders.
    • Add the 8 TB drives to the new SHR to expand it.
The first of these options doesn't preclude you from moving shared folders between volumes, and you'd still have the packages running as they had been. But having a backup is wise no matter what plan of action you take.

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