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Missing devices from /dev/


I have a DS420+ (DSM 6.2.3) with harddisks installed in bays 1 and 2 which are combined into one SHR volume. The NAS configuration is almost default, I made only small adjustments via the GUI.
The NAS itself is located in a somewhat confined space, so I want to monitor the harddisks' temperature to see if I need to add some ventilation. When I started to write a monitoring script, I discovered that I have only one disk listed in /dev//dev/hda. There's no /dev/hdb even though I have two disks installed. There are also no /dev/sd* devices:
$ ls -1 /dev/{hd*,sd*}
ls: cannot access /dev/sd*: No such file or directory
The /dev/hda device is the harddisk installed in bay 1 (I matched the serial number reported by smartctl).
There are two /dev/sata* devices which correspond to both harddisks (the serial numbers match), but smartctl can't see SMART support on these devices.
I've tried installing another disk in bay 3 — but still no /dev/hdb or /dev/hdc. It did get a matching /dev/sata3 device, just as the other two.

Does anybody have an idea why I don't have any /dev/hd* devices except for /dev/hda?

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