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Missing shared folder after reboot

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Missing shared folder after reboot

little bit more info about the Shared folder spec:
- e.g. single Shared folder in single volume (entire disk)
- or one of Shared folders from single volume
- basic disk

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When you say "I can connect to the NAS" and "my shared folder is gone" what do you mean? Various interpretations of these are...

Connecting to the NAS:
  • DSM web GUI
  • DSM File Station
  • DS file
  • Windows file sharing
  • Third-party application on Windows or Android (I assume not Mac or iOS from your profile info)
  • Something else
Shared folder is gone:
  • It's not available within DSM Control Panel's Shared Folder?
  • It's not available with DSM File Station?
  • It's not listed or responding when creating a mounted network share in Windows?
  • It's not mounting as an already created network share in Windows, when Windows was set to auto-mount it?
  • It's not listed in the available shares when using a third-party app.
  • Something else

There are so many ways to connect to the NAS. I don't have any auto-mount to NAS shares, using Syno Drive instead. I mount as needed using whichever is the best/available service SFTP, SMB, AFP, or WebDAV. So more information about how you use your NAS is best otherwise people write back very long responses to very short calls for help (y)
Thanks for the replies, the folder was encrypted so i found that I had to mount that folder and now all good.
Can you share the step to mount missed folder? I had similar issues, not all folder missing after DSM updates.
Can you share the step to mount missed folder? I had similar issues, not all folder missing after DSM updates.
Just figured this out myself after a brief panic after not seeing my encrypted folders:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Select Shared Folder from the sidebar
  3. Choose your encrypted folder
  4. Select the 'Encyption' dropdown menu and choose "Mount"

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