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My DS918 has 4 drives of 8 TB each, but I am missing space. Some of the drives came from an older DS212j.
How can I get the "missing" 6 TB or so - see below for what shows up in Storage Manager.
Under Action I can't convert or change from single pool to multi pool.
Is there some easy way to fix this by chance?
I could try and copy all the 3-4 TB to an external USB hard drive and reformat the whole thing if I need to, but surely there's an easier way. Most of the storage is Plex movies, but also a whole bunch of family photos....
Any insights would be so appreciated!
Cheers, Michael

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Your volume came from an older DSM configured setup with a 16TB limitation. There is no other way around it but to backup, your data, destroy this volume, make a new one, and restore back.
Aarghh..... OK, so I'm using Hyperbackup to back up to a large external USB drive now. When that's done, just reformat the DS918+ from scratch effectively and then restore it right? Thanks so much Rusty - let me know I'm on track and I'll do this...
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It happens. I put off a backup/restore until I got the DS1520+ and planned to have >16TB volume but also wanted to use packages that require btrfs file system. Until then I 'migrated' disks from DS215j to DS218+ (somehow this worked).

Just realise that Hyper Backup doesn't save all configuration parameters and all packages. I documented my DS1520+ restore and what I found was missing...
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Wow - great responses - Thanks!
I'm running just a Plex server and a bunch of files stored on it. Would Hyperbackup restore the common stuff like all my plex files and the like? I think it's a proprietary format. It feels like this "safety net" of a NAS isn't such a safety net if I need to worry about all this. I just don't want to lose all my family movies and ripped DVDs.......... should I be safe with Hyperbackup or should I also try and backup to another system just to be safe?
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Your data is in the Shared Folders, so Hyper Backup will back them up if you selected them. The packages supported by Hyper Backup are backed up too, as is the DSM configuration.

Plex isn't backed up as such but it uses a Shared Folder (Plex) for its configuration data plus the other Shared Folders where the media files are stored, and you're going to be backing them up. Once you re-install Plex package it should find it's configuration data and media libraries.

The DSM restore should also recognise that you have config. backup of the packages and offer to install them for you. If it misses any then you can install them from Package Center and they should find the restored data.

If you're using the NAS to hold active files then you should be regularly backing them up.
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