Moments „Moments” auto backup various issues.

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Moments „Moments” auto backup various issues.

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my girlfriend use Android Samsung phone, and she make tones of photos. And her phone storage shrinks very quickly.

I wonder if is there option to move each new photo immediately from Android Galery to Moments.
By „move” I mean to delete photo from phone storage and save it in moments.
It is very annoying to always remember to delete photos every month.

In short, I dream to have option to prevent using built in galery at all. The best solution would be if photos would be keep on phone until the wi-fi is available. And after wi-fi is available it should remove photo from phone and send it to moments.

And other issue is that new photos are not visible in Moments immediately. I need to restart app, and even after restart sometimes new photos are not available, so I need to wait one minute or two. It causes I still need to use built in galery to see photo I’ve just taken.

Are there any solutions for such issues?

For any help great thanks in advance.

Best Regards
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The other issue I’ve just found, every time I accidentally log out from Moments account, and login again, the backuping option is turned off.
So do I need to remember to turn it on every time I restart my phone. Is it default behaviour?
Check PhotoSync, see if it works for you.
Oh nooo...!!!
It would be tragedy to start all from the begining. So I will wait for more answers, and maybe later I will consuder to change the platform. But thanks for your answer

Best Regards
It’s an app. Installs on your mobile device. You configure it by pointing it to a folder on your NAS and setting up photo/video copy/upload rules.

I don’t think this is “the beginning” but I could’ve misunderstood what you’re after.
Great thanks for your advice, I will consider it.

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