Moments doubled the storage space, created duplicates

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Moments doubled the storage space, created duplicates

Last week i decided to go all in with Moments and moved the entire contents of Photo shared folder into 'Home>Drive>Moments' i have upwards of 78,000 photos and thousands of videos.

The CPU has sat at 99% usage for 10 days now which is to be expected (although worrying - synology Tech support estimates two weeks to fully index that ammount)

but my big concern is the storage pool.....

The photos folder prior to move, was around 1TB in size (storage pool was sitting around 70% full), Its now up at 91% full and still indexing. I have set up a report in storage analyzer for duplicates, it seems like Moments has created the files in both the 'drive' and 'Photos' locations?

Has anyone else experienced this? If i was to start removing duplicates, which folder do i delete from 'drive' or 'photos'?


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Maybe you accidently did a copy instead of a move?
(I dont use Moments)


  • With Moments 1.2.0 and versions above supporting the Shared Photo Library feature, you can simply enable this feature in Moments to view and index the photos and videos in Photo Station, without needing to move or copy these items from Photo Station to Moments. In addition, you can edit the access permissions to allow other Synology NAS users to access Shared Photo Library. Please refer to the "Enable Shared Photo Library" section in this Help article for more information.

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