Moments has been slowing my DS218 for 2 days

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Moments has been slowing my DS218 for 2 days

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Hi there,

New to NAS usage, I need one mainly for storage and pics management.
Since I installed Moments 2 days ago, to organize my photostation pics, the whole NAS is dead slow.
Some apps (like photostation) keep on giving me "Timouts", "not responding" and other slowness related issues.
The volumes are far from overloaded (10% usage).
The resource monitor (painfully) shows disk usage struggling between 90 and 100% usage.
Processor (35ish %) and memory usage (65%) look OK.
Moments actually struggles to show just a few dozen thumbnails (after 2 days of work, it was 0 the first hours).
Processes show mainly "convert-thumbnail", "synophoto-face-extraction", "synophoto-concept".

So I assume Moments is savagely using all disk resources to prepare it's necessary files and whatnot, but as I have no progress bar, so I don't know if this is likely to last another day, another month or year (I seriously calculated that if was not totally absurd of it's only showing me about 30 thunmbnails out of tens of thousands of pics).

Any similay experience somebody?
Is that expected behaviour?
Any tip on how to investigate the matter?
Shall I just be patient a few days and hope it'll end sometime?
Shall I just remove this app ?

Thanks for any advice!
Moments takes a lot of resources to process and tag each image so the initial setup usually will slow down the NAS. If you've really added 10s of thousands of photos then this will take a long time to go through.

Adding batches of photos will at least give you some sense of progress, other than that you'll have to be patient.
After 3 days of processing for about 20k photos, NAS still overloaded.
I dare say I'm not impressed by Moments.
I'll try and wait a bit more, but I'll probably uninstall it if it lasts beyond another 24 hours, it's ridiculous.
You can try disabling people and subject detection. These are scanning the images to try to work out faces and what's in the photo.


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