Moments - or Photo Station?

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Moments - or Photo Station?

Can I turn off all the “intelligent” stuff in moments? Like face recognition and anything else.
I think yes:

If I just want a catalog of photos in a chronological order on the DS, is that possible?
Yes, that's how it looks the enter site.


Never tried moments or photo station.
So you just upload your photos to your NAS in a dedicated folder or?
There's an Admin page in Moments settings (for NAS admin users, obvs) that enables/disables the Peoples, Places, and Subjects special albums for non-admin users. I've these enabled so don't know if disabling these stops the background tagging too.

The shared photo library can have these enabled/disabled too.

Best thing is to test it out with a small set of photos and see how it performs.
Best thing is to test it out with a small set of photos and see how it performs.
I think you’re right. Disabling all that stuff doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not being done in the background. God. I hate it when stupid machines try to outsmart me.

Thank you all. Might try it. Although I really don’t want to rock the current configuration with installs/uninstalls.
Thanks @fredbert for your write up!
You mentioned something very interesting that I thought was not possible to do on iOS:

geofencing the DS Photos app will let it automatically upload photos in the background? I thought (and read in every single related post) that iOS has a strict policy and even if background app refresh is enabled, it will only let DS apps sync photos for a couple of minutes max and then it will stop.

you’re the first one I hear say that this can be done.
Could you please explain how this geofencing is set up? Do you know if DS File can also be run in the background like that?

thanks in advance!

ps: sorry about the small letters at the beginning of my sentences but the editor of this forum is so very not compatible with iphones...keeps changing as I type. :)
ps: sorry about the small letters at the beginning of my sentences but the editor of this forum is so very not compatible with iphones...keeps changing as I type. :)
Try hitting return again. Since iOS 13 I find that sometimes the insertion point hangs over the bottom edge of this text box. When this happens lowercase is forced on the first word. Hitting return again an you get auto-capitalised first word.

Re the DS photo geo-fence. Tap the top-right 'menu' icon and enable Photo Backup then tap the cog/sprocket settings icon. Now go down the list to Geofence and add one.

I haven't used DS photo for ages, preferring Moments, plus I've changed from an iPhone 6 on iOS12 to XR on iOS 13. The XR was restored using the 6's last backup and I haven't used DS photo until now on the XR. So while the geo-fence option is still there I can't say for certain if it is still working as I have just had to answer permission requests to allow DS photo to access features.

DS file on iOS either did, and now doesn't, or never did, and I was mistaken, but while photo backup is a feature I cannot see geo-fence in Settings.
I have been using PhotoStation since I got my original NAS. I like it for what it does, a centralized and organized location for my family to access images from my photography hobby and other home related imagery.

I certainly dont to any serious editing with PhotoStation, I do that with Phase One’s Capture One Pro. Capture One, LightRoom and other pro level image editing programs have excellent digital asset management features that blow PhotoStation out of the water. However if there is an image I would like to share (quickly) with family, it goes on PhotoStation for all to see.

I do like the automatic upload feature available for cell phones (Android and IOS). Very nice, imagery shot goes straight into a directory on the NAS. (I didnt know that it could be linked to Geofencing). That feature is available on DS File as well.

My issues are with archival storage of imagery. What do you do with your prized imagery?
The showstopper for me concerning Moments are how it's backing up my photos. I think it created a folder for each day or something, making it quite difficult to find a specific photo from your PC.
Exactly, i find this annoying too.

Thinking about this:
keep in mind there is a bit of a down side to this. One being that you will not be able to get to your pictures from everywhere and the other you will have to mount the image each time you wanna run Photos on your mac.

Personally I’m waiting for Photos (DSM7) move away from Apple Photos and get more freedom that does not involve icloud storage for my content. Until then, this is my choice of storage.
Moments and PhotoStation will be merged in DSM7 anyway, so no need to choose between both. I use both now (Moments for phone backup and PhotoStation for processed, high-res photos. It will be interesting to see how they handle merging both, but it seems like the new Synology Photos app has features of both Moments and PhotoStation. Waiting for DSM7 .....

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