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Moments replacing google photo? is it any good

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Moments replacing google photo? is it any good

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Hi Guys,

I'm new here, seems like not many of NAS users actually talk about replacing google photo or any other external service for Moments or Photo Station.
Knowing NAS limitation I have some questions:

1. has anyone moved out of google photos to NAS sucessfully?
2. Are reading speeds, response time ok for friends and family?
3. If so what are your setups (NAS, drive, internet provider speeds)?

would love your feedback before I invest in new NAS (if back up only then ds220j if photo sharing something stronger like ds218+)
would love your feedback before I invest in new NAS (if back up only then ds220j if photo sharing something stronger like ds218+)
Not an answer to the google thing. Someone will hopefully address that.
Just an advice. Invest in the highest model you can afford. You’ll be discovering new uses for these devices regularly. I have a 120J and compared to the plus series, it’s really slow.
You need CPU power and drive capacity to run Moments. The j-series will choke on indexing and thumbnail creation. And since Synology chose to locate the Moments folder as they did (/home/Drive/Moments) you will use at least 2x storage capacity for your photos (500GB of photos, will consume 1TB, at the least, of drive space).

Finally, if you choose to go with Moments and have a "large" number of photos, say 10,000, don't introduce them all initially... add 100-500 and watch how long it takes to process, and how that affects other concurrent NAS use.
I’m actually waiting until DSM 7 comes out with Synology Photo before I jump into this rabbit hole lol. It looks very clean and I’m excited to try it out.
Same. Atm, I host all my mac photos inside Apple Photos app but connected as a mount that lives on the NAS. Still, this limits my access to all of them from a remote location. I'm fine with that considering that I don't need all the photos all the time. That being said I would like to move out of Apple Photos app and into something that's more like Synology Photos. But I guess we will have to wait a bit longer for that to happen.
More than 60k photos in one of my DS1813+
Photo resolution from 1Mpx in jpg to 24Mpx in Raw. 80% of the data space for the 24mpx Raw.
Indexing and categorisation (people recognise, topic,...) spent 2 days w/o maxed CPU (it was ok for me)
Usage of the Moments is different from the Photo station. Response time is so-so for a connection outside from LAN. Also for my 1024/150 Mbps FTTx, what is strange. There is something in the Moments. Because Drive is running like speed of light.
Never used cloud for my photos, then I can’t compare Moments with the others cloud services. But Moments is slower than Photo station. For now.
Final questions for such usage (Moments):
- what kind of spread of the photo quality (data volume per photo)
- how much photos, today
- what is expected growing plan (increase of the photos and resolutions, Raw vs compressed) ... you can find in one of my Resources for Newbies here
- your internet speed (no name of the data product), means real speed. Specially for Upload, what is main factor of your comfort for the usage outside.

Then we can speak about the model. Never before. Only if you have 500 photos and never more than 1000, then you can purchase each NAS. No doubt.
I'm trying to consolidate from Mac & Google Photos. My initial impression is not good. Neither are loading Location metadata when it exists. You can add the gps data in Photo Station but not in Moments (unless it's hidden and I can't find it). But who wants to type all this in for every photo? Moments doesn't even have map functionality where you can see where photos were taken yet it exists in Photo Station. I thought Moments was the future solution. I'm not impressed at all. I'm a bit surprised they didn't make sure some of these basic functionalities work before released either of these. As a new Synology owner, it makes me nervous about my decision. : )
welcome here!
as I said many times here, when someone would like to purchase appliance as NAS, is better to spend time with research, than make a decision.
But this forum can helps you understand a potential of your small beast. You need to learn how to unlock all the power. Stay calm and read about it in this forum.

Btw, for me is Moments one of last Syno package. I have Adobe CreativeCloud plan, then my catalogue just use the NAS as plain storage. For fast preview I like DS photo more than Moments. But I was just curious about the Moments. OFC we will wait for new Moments (DSM 7) as aggregated solution between DS Photo and Moments. But this is not major topic for my NASes.
I used Moments awhile for backing up photos from my phone. But the showstopper for me was the filestructure that was used. Moments puts photos in a folder with the same date they were taken. If you want to search for a photo from your PC, you have to browse through every folder if you don't know what date it was taken.

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