NAS Compares Most Powerful NAS Drive of 2019

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NAS Compares Most Powerful NAS Drive of 2019

Top 3 Most Powerful NAS Drives of the Year

When buying brand new technology, there are many factors that we will use to make the final decision. Buying factors such as price, efficiency, value and brand support are always going to be very high on our list when making that final click on the Buy Now button at checkout. However, we would be lying to ourselves we we didn’t admit that dee, deep down what we want in our technology is POWER. We want to know that we are buying a new piece of equipment (a NAS, a Laptop, a Phone, etc) that is powerful enough, not only to do EVERYTHING you need to to do right now but also in the years to come. The Power of a NAS drive can be measured in a number of ways, each more important to different users. In the world of NAS servers, power can usually be measured in:

  • The CPU and Memory that is featured, such as Clock Speed in Ghz and Efficiency
  • The Ports and Connections on the rear of the NAS, such as 10Gbe and above
  • The Methods of Tiering and Caching inside, such as NVMe and 2.5£ Bays
  • The Graphical abilities of the system, such as GPU Cards or Heightened Embedded Graphics

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Mark, Mark
again great job for Nobel price in best ever review!

when you are trying compare best performed NAS from two vendors and your best choice from Syno is grandpa DS3617xs :)))) may be there is forgotten DS101g

really great mushrooms in your soup Mark!
what about Synology SA3400 or FS6400?

maybe time to change of domain name from nascompares to “ Qnap paid more”

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