Question Motion Detection Recording & Simultaneous Continuous Recording seemed to work fine yesterday, but not today...

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Question Motion Detection Recording & Simultaneous Continuous Recording seemed to work fine yesterday, but not today...

Hey, recently I decided to make the switch from using Nest Smart Cams to using a WiFi based IP cam with RTSP capability so I had more control over my cam & didn't have to be tied to a subscription.

When I set it up yesterday, (all I did was connect it via the 'IP Camera' app in Surveillance Station) I seemed to have it working where it would not only record continuously but also save 'Motion Detection' clips to a separate folder at the same time. I also had the whole 'Surveillance Station' folder being backed up to Google Drive at the same time.

Here's an example of the folder structure when they were both recording at the same time:

  • SurveillanceStation
    • Kitchen (name of the cam)
      • 20200613AM > Continuous recording files saved here (30min Truncated mp4 files)
      • laRec
        • 20200613AM > Motion Detection clips saved here

This was a great setup, but I realised that instead of uploading both the continuous & motion detection videos to GDrive, it'd make more sense to only upload the motion detection videos to GDrive while keeping the continuous recordings on the NAS (we have reasons for wanting access to the continuous recordings as well as the motion detection). However, when I had a look today, I found that the motion detection had stopped recording & it was only continuously recording...

I did find that if I load up the 'Live View' app in Surveillance station, that it would then begin saving the Motion Detection clips again, but I don't recall having the 'Live View' app open all day yesterday for that to be the reason. Plus having to have the Live View app open so that you can auto capture motion detected clips makes no sense...

I'm using a DS218+ and currently only have one camera connected. I tried fully setting it up again by completely removing SS & all it's recordings & settings from the Nas as well as fully resetting the camera itself, but it's still not working unless I have the 'Live View' app open.

I guess after all that, I'm simply asking if there is a way to record both the continuous feed & the individual motion detection clips at the same time (like I seemed to have working yesterday), so that I can upload the Motion Detection clips to google & keep the continuous recording on the NAS?

Any help would be much appreciated!

I can’t find anything that does that on my settings. Where did you go to configure that, was it only via live view?

I didn't really configure anything, it just seems to be happening as soon as I set it up... Unfortunately, I get the feeling I must have left a tab open with the live view app open on it, which would have been the one creating the separate motion capture clips.

In any case, it would be an awesome feature to be able to record continuously, but also automatically save all motion detection clips to a different folder, as I'd like to upload only the motion detection clips to google drive, but keep continuous recording on the nas.
Not sure I’ve seen that. How about the camera, does it have snapshot capture capabilities?

Mine supports that but I’ve never used it, my idea (if applicable), is to let the camera do that and upload it to a folder on the NAS, or save it to its own SD card (if it has one) where you can work with it.

Here’s something else you might try and see if that works for you. I record 24/7. SS receives two streams from the camera, a low resolution and a high resolution. Continuous recording is low res, but when an event is detected, it switches to recording the high res stream. This way the files use much less space.

Also check if your camera supports H265. It has better compression (smaller files).

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