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Is there any way to make a direct file transfer from a Google Shared Drive to my NAS, without having the data going through my desktop?
Cloudsync only works for your personal Google Drive, and syncs the whole drive.
I read some use rclone for to mount the drive, but after spending many hours I just can't get this to work.

RaiDrive does this for Windows, X-plore file manager gives access on the oculus Quest, there must be a way on this NAS.
Or can someone direct me to a better walkthrough on rclone for synology?
Hi Jheroen,
Thanks for the tip, but alas this only connects the My Drive and Starred folders. Not the "Shared Drives".
@Thomas Cloud Sync supports Shared Drives. =) It's been there for some time.

Screenshot 2022-02-22 at 13.30.46.png
Hi felipebaez, thanks for the suggestion but I only have read access to the Shared Drive and it's huge!
Cloud sync will only allow me to sync the whole drive, or not see anything.
I'm looking for some sort of mounting option. Having access to the files and only copy what I need.

Two questions:
  1. why would you want to do this? data is easy retrievable from the google drive anyway.
  2. did you try to “fool” the system by creating a link from google shared drive to a personal drive, and then connect cloud sync to this personal google drive?
1. Directly retrievable to my laptop yes.
2. Well, not as you describe. The easiest way now to transfer the data from the Shared Drive to the Synology, is to use Raidrive to mount the Google shared drive to a drive letter, and use SMB to copy the files.
But this way all the data is being pushed over my laptop.

Connecting a cloud sync to such mounted drive would again result in completely syncing the too big google shared drive.

Thus I'm looking or a way to mount the Google Shared drive in Synology, without syncing everything.
2. that is not what I suggest: from the shared google drive, share the one and only folder you'd like to sync, to a personal google drive. (you will then only see 1 folder in that personal drive, the share.
Then connect cloud sync to the personal google drive with the single folder.

1. for me that sounds as a lot of work, you can just get the data from google shared drive onto your laptop? why do you want it on the nas?

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