Move a file or rename folder lost access to file(s)

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Move a file or rename folder lost access to file(s)

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Hello everyboby !
I come here because I can't fond an issue for a importante problem at my office.

We are 7 Mac Mini (OS Ventura) that access to files on the DS 1621xs / DSM 7.1.1, using SMB.

When we rename a folder, all the files within this renamed folder are "not found". (fortunately, files are not lost)
It is exactly the same issue if we move a file from a folder to another on the NAS.

What could it be ?

Many thanks for your answer.


I ve'tried just right now and it's same problem with AFP. It is not possible for me to use Wifi...
By the way, I'am almost sure that this problem comes with Apple and not with the NAS ...

Thanks for your answer.
@OZ&A I can confirm the same behavior on macOS Ventura 13.2 and DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 4.
I tested Windows and it works as expected so no issues there.. But I don't use Windows so major issue on macOS.
The only way to get access back to these files from macOS is by cloning the folder/files which is not efficient and not always possible.
I filed an urgent support ticket with Synology and suggest you do the same. I also referenced this link in my ticket.

From macOS Ventura 13.2 renaming/moving folder via SMB looses access to the files in that folder.

Before macOS Ventura I used AFP and had no issues. Because there is an issue with macOS Ventura+Synology+AFP I updated my Synology to the latest version and also the SMB package, and instead of AFP, use SMB to access my shares.

When I rename a folder that exists on a Synology Shared Folder and try to access files/folders in it, I get an error message and loose access to my files. I can gain access to my files if I rename the containing folder to be exactly the previous names.

If I move folders around, it is very hard to impossible to restore the previous state and access is lost to the files.

[Steps to Reproduce]
1. Connect a Synology share to macOS Ventura 13.2 using SMB

2. Create a Folder in that Synology share

3. Create a Subfolder in that folder

4. Create a text file in that folder
5. Rename the root folder --> you will see an error trying to open the text file.

6. Rename the root folder back to the original name --> you will get access back to the file

7. Move the file from the subfolder to a different sub folder, then move it some more --> you will lose access to the file.

8. Only way to access the file is to copy it OR rename the folder from the WebUI to a new name.

[Error Messages and Screenshots]

Error message: "file.txt" can't be found.

Hi again, I can reproduce this issue with a Windows 10 VM acting as a SMB server --> so this seems not as a Synology issue but rather a macOS Ventura Finder issue.

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