Moving a storage pool & volumes

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Moving a storage pool & volumes

2x DS1813+ , DS1019+
Apologies for the long post...

I have 4 Disk Stations.
A 1813+ Currently my main file server and time capsule. It has 2 storage pools. One is 4 drives & the other 3 drives plus a hot spare.
A 1813+ Not working... hangs after running a while - might try a power supply replacement. It was the backup to the main server.
A 1019+ Currently the backup to the main server.
A 1512+ Recently new to me. Not in use yet.

After having a failure that Synology offers no help with repairing I am concerned with using the 1813+ as primary. Also, it would seem to make sense to have the newest Disk Server be the primary and the 1813+ be the backup server.
The second storage pool on the 1813+ is a time machine target for all my MacOS machines.

So, I have this shuffle in mind...
1) Move the 3 disk array (the time machine target) to the unused 1512+
2) Swap drives between the 1813+ and the 1019+

This results in 2 DS as primary storage and the 8 bay as the backup to both.

So, does this seem doable?

Can I simply take the 3 disks out of the 1813+ and put them in the 1512+, install DSM and do the migration?

Should I shut the 1813+ down first before removing the 3 disk array? It would seem prudent.

Sorry for the long post. I hope you could follow my convoluted story.

Thanks for any help.


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Sounds good all in all. All “new” disk stations will have to be on the same dsm version before hitting them with migration but I see no problems with your plan of the bat.

Shutting down is ok but not mandatory considering those are hot swap models.
2x DS1813+ , DS1019+
Thanks. I thought it might since just putting the disks from my failed unit in the new DS worked great.

All the units are at current DSM version (or were last week).


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