Moving an LE certificate from a dead DiskStation?

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Moving an LE certificate from a dead DiskStation?

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I have a Let's Encrypt domain name (let's say configured on a DS that died. I want to configure on another DiskStation.
When I try it, it says "maximal certificate requests reached for this domain name".

I guess I need to tell Let's encrypt to "release" the domain name so I can use it on the other DiskStation. Any ideas?
Note that I don't have access to the original DiskStation, it died and I'm remote.

Thanks for any pointers.
Thanks @Telos.

Unfortunately, no. All I have is a regular backup from some of the shared folders. It was all temporary. The intention was to move it to another location on a new DiskStation, but something happened.

I guess I’ll need to ask a friend to check it if possible. I think it’s power. The stupid UPS is dead or something. I just don’t want to trouble anyone unless it’s absolutely necessary.
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try to find someone in the remote location with a laptop & SATA/USB adapter & TeamViewer

1. download:
this is my Swiss knife for such events.

2. put the disk 1 from the NAS into SATA/USB adapter & manage it by the TestDisk remotely by the TeamViewer

3. try to find the certificate in:
Recover, then download it.

Enjoy and Good luck
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here I found really nice guide, then I don't need to spend time to guide you (but you can ask):

diff topic but useful for your scenario.
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Thank you @jeyare. Nice instructions. I'll keep them for the future ;)

I discovered that the DiskStation is not powered. It’s the UPS that is dead and not supplying power to what’s connected to it. I know because I have other things that went off. So all I need is to power the DiskStation and (hopefully) it'll be accessible again.
For now, I'm managing by configuring a redirect of the website on my DNS provider but of course this is not optimal at all.

Eventually I'll end up bothering someone to go to the site. But once I have it up and accessible, if I delete the certificate, so I can add it –request it with the same domain name– on the other DS, will that work? Will this update LE authority that the certificate is no more and allows me to add it on a different host?
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do it with new, no need to revoke the OLD one

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I discovered that the DiskStation is not powered. It’s the UPS that is dead and not supplying power to what’s connected to it. I know because I have other things that went off.
I know electricity is becoming more and more expensive ;)

Btw, here is a similar tool from the same author, specialized just for photos:
"PhotoRec ignores the file system; this way it works even if the file system is severely damaged."
PhotoRec works with hard disks, CD-ROMs, memory cards (CompactFlash, Memory Stick, Secure Digital/SD, SmartMedia, Microdrive, MMC, etc.), USB memory drives, DD raw image, EnCase E01 image, etc.

Nobel price for these tools, when the disk appears to have died.
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You’re right, as always. I think I was trying too hard. I just created a new one on a fresh vDSM server and it worked fine. Thanks.

However, I have a strange problem.
I’ve enabled web station and published my site and all is fine, but I’m trying to configure web station to use Apache but it keeps using nginx. This is on vDSM 7. I’ve never faced this problem on DSM 6 (didn’t try vDSM 6).

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