Moving Files from USB ro NAS – They've Disappeared..?

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Moving Files from USB ro NAS – They've Disappeared..?

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So, I just replaced my 2 x 1TB HDDs in my DS218j with 2 x 2TB SSDs. Everything went well and DSM installed, no problem. The NAS was used to store my music library (managed through Apple Music). I was backing up the Music folder regularly, using Carbon Copy Cloner to a USB drive.

I plugged the USB drive into the DS218j and went to File Station. I could see the USB drive and the Music folder (I wanted to use the direct connection to the DS218j for faster transfers). So I dragged the Music folder from the USB to the 'MUSIC' folder on the NAS. I imagined that it would start copying at this point, but all that happened was the Music folder disappeared from the USB drive. I ejected the USB drive and re-inserted it into my Mac and, yup, the entire Music folder has disappeared from the USB and isn't on the NAS either.

What is going on..?
I imagined that it would start copying
Drag default is "move", not "copy". There should have been a small context window at the mouse cursor showing that, as you moved the files.

Check all other folders on the NAS... maybe the file got dropped into an adjacent shared folder, or sub-folder.
From what you said the original 2x1TB HDD have your music library on it and you did a new build with the 2x2TB SSD. So first thing is to keep the HDD untouched as they could be used as a fallback for recovering your files and folders, without having to resort to disk recovery software.

In File Station there are settings to configure how drag and drops will work. I keep this to always ask me what to do since I don’t use it very often. If you did do a Move then there should be between some and all files moved from the USB drive‘s shared folder to /music. You can also check the #recycle folders that are in the top-level of shared folders, if you enabled the recycle bin.

If everything fails to recover your music folders then you could reinstall the 2x1TB HDD and COPY off the files. Since you already use CCC then make a new task in that and do it using the Mac. When setting up the 2x2TB SSD you can reconfigure the CCC task to make the NAS the destination. I use CCC for most file/folder move/copy/sync since it will check the process, even though using the Mac to mediate the transfer isn’t the quickest way.
Thanks, Telos, Fredbert – yes, HDDs are back in and backing up (3x) as we speak: the odd thing is, Move or Copy, I would have expected a progress bar or something (moving ~500GB of files, so it should have taken a long time), but there was nothing...
Yes, it’s weird. I would’ve expected some indication of activity. You may have closed the initial dialogue doing the transfer. There’s the bouncing disks icon in the top right set of toolbar icons that show when disk actions are happening, but it can be easy to overlook.

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