Moving from 2-bay 6TB to 4-bay - should I get another 6TB or upgrade to 12TB

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Moving from 2-bay 6TB to 4-bay - should I get another 6TB or upgrade to 12TB

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I have a 2 bay DS-218 which I’m upgrading to DS-923+

Im running two 6TB WD Red plus which are almost full (78%) and would definitely need to get another drive when I upgrade. Question is, should I stick to 6TB or just upgrade to 12TB and then when either 6TB dies, move that up to 12TB as well?!

I don’t foresee a need for overall 36TB but I guess you never know with lots of 4K content in the future.
Anything 4k, ESPECIALLY uncompressed 4k requires large storage. If I'm you upgrading to the 923+, I'd go with the largest boxed retail NAS rated or Enterprise drives that your budget allows.
So, got myself a DS920+ and 12TB Red Plus...

Do I have to do anything specific for moving them over?

Current Setup:
2x6TB - DS218+

New Setup:
2x6TB+1x12TB - DS 920+
Make sure that the 920 model is on the same DSM level (or better), then just turn off the old NAS and migrate the drives. Do not add the new 12TB at this point just yet.

Once you get the 920 up and running, update all the packages, and make sure all is there and running well. Then, add the 12TB disk and proceed with it as you see fit.

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