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I'm shortly going to be moving BT Internet ( network internally), to Zen Internet ( Internally I think). So what would be the right processes for:
  • Moving the NAS from one network to the other.
  • Changing the NAS to work with a Static IP (as Zen provide one)
I can see this is going to be painful........ Any tips appreciated.
Well good news. Zen have come back with:

In answer to your questions:

1. In order to transfer closest to the date you require, we always advise you to place the order 10 working days prior.

2. Can the base IP of the Fritz!Box 7530 be changed from to This would greatly simplify using it with the existent network? - Yes this can be done.

3.With Zen EveryRoom, where you provide the Fritz Repeater 3000, what sort of square meterage do the combined units cover? - Up to 140sqm.

4. Can the DNS servers in the Fritz!Box 7530 be changed to third party servers or do we have to use Zen servers? - Yes, this can be changed.

5.If we went with the Zen Everyroom option can the Mesh network be configured with respect to what SSID is used? Again hoping here to replicate what I use now. - Network change: set custom DNS there too and then just change the Wi-Fi to what you want before setting the mesh up.

6.How far in advance of the migration is the Fritz!Box equipment sent out? I’m hoping to pre-configure the device to minimise the downtime ahead of the migration. - 4 working days prior to activation.

7.Similar to the above ref Zen logon details, how far in advance are they sent? - 3 working days from point of order via email.

So all should be good I guess!
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Well that sales girl never came back to me at all.... I did wait 4 hours.....
So a bit more wandering around and I ended up looking at Plusnet (used to be great for mobile when I used them). An online chat session answered all my questions in 5 minutes. Zen took 4+ days. The good news is that they use a badged HomeHub 5 as their router. So I can backup my settings and reload into the new Router! No Mesh system though, but I can order that from Amazon configure it and then just transfer it over to the new router!
So much simpler. Plus £7 quid a month cheaper! Order placed, migration 9th of November! Excited!
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plusnet don't have the best reputation. they are the budget brand for BT.
their hub is junk, and is much more restricted than the standard BT homehub.

tas confused by your posts though, you posts a reply with a response from Zen saying all good, then come back an hour later saying they didn't reply fast enough for you and jumped to plusnet instead?
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Plusnet have changed.... The hub they use is now the same as the BT Home Hub. I know the old hub was trash, if they still used that I'd not have gone with them. Same infrastructure, UK support. If it is on par with BT I can live with them.

The post prior post was posted long after the phone call had been made. The Zen switchboard said the sales girl was busy and would call me straight back after she'd finished the current call. That delay was over 4 hours (now 5.5 hours without a call). 4 days to get answers from Zen that I got in a dew minutes from PlusNet.

One of the reasons for leaving BT was poor customer service.
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it's not the same support as BT, it's a different business owned by BT, so plusnet support is not the same as BT support, it's actually much worse.

plusnet even going back 5 years were using a rebranded bt homehub, the software on it is plusnet branded and ther are some software functions removed (although still accessible via an undocumented "hack").

for £7 i'd be going with Zen if it was a choice between the two.

so you're leaving BT to go with BT's budget brand? and plusnet have a god awfull track record on trustpilot and similar. you're leaving BT for poor customer service, yet you say if it's on par with BT then you'll be OK with it?

i mean feel free to go with plusnet, but your reasoning seems a little strange.
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I know it's owned by BT, and in the past I've had good support from them (on mobile). BT's support especially on the billing side has been terrible. Each year we've renewed we've had major issues with incorrect billing etc.

Well as long as I can use port forwarding and etc I'll be happy.

BT's technical service has always been good, it's the sales and billing service we've had issues with, usually taking to people who respond via scripts in India.

We'll see how it goes. At least Plusnet responded in a timely manner and answered all my questions in minutes.
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when i was with plusnet their billing systems were notorious as being shambolic.
good luck!

are sure BT were using people in India? they have been proudly saying for some time that all their support chains were back in the UK.

personally i think you're making a major downgrade, but if the decision is purely price based then plusnet will trump zen (or any of the other non mass market ISPs) every time, but then there is a reason for that.
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Well we'll see on the billing.

Yep as per phone calls last week.

Price is part of it, but service (speeds etc) is exactly the same as we have with BT or we'd get with Zen. Plus we can have a static IP which BT don't offer.

So same infrastructure, hopefully better UK customer service, same speeds etc, same router. So worth a punt.

Zen failed on the customer service......... So....
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Well @chenks I did a bit of reading up on the PlusNet router and it seems a lot of people are having issues with them suffering a lot of disconnections. Turns out it is a HH5 they brand not a HH6 which I have now with BT.

So I'll chase Zen up again tomorrow and get the order moving with them. Will be a slightly more complex migration but...... yeah.......
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Well to close this out (finally)......

We ended up renewing with BT for another 24 months we got a pretty good deal. Plus for the mesh network I ended up ordering a Linksys Velop system.

So no problems over network migration. Oh and we never received the call back from Zen :)
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