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Multiple networks?

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Ok, I currently have all my containers (where possible) connected to a network called synology (yes I should have spent more time thinking about a witty name).
I also have a few containers which connect through a VPN container for their internet access.
Is it possible to combine:
      - synology


    network_mode: service:vpn
Thus giving the container 2 network connections.
As well as telling the container this is in that synology network is internal only?
Or am I just trying to over complicate things?
Looks like you found a blindspot in the documentation.

Honestly, I would expect it to not work, as network_mode is a general setting that affects all veth interferfaces of the networks the service is member of.

Though, did you take your idea to a spindrive?
Thus giving the container 2 network connections.
I missed to adress that topic: as far as I am aware there is no limitation when it commes to the number of networks a container can be connected to. If I remember right the max number of networks I had to connect a container to was 3 or 4 (overlay/bridge) networks. Though, I am afraid any explicitly set network_mode (other than bridge) will spoil the experience.
@one-eyed-king There is also the issue (as far as I'm aware) of (for want of a better term) mixed mode networking, as in specifying a network AND setting network mode to a service. I was also wondering about blocking these containers from having internet access on the specified network, when other devices would have access.
I'm probably trying to over complicate things. LoL

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