Multiple porting/firewall/ip/DHCP questions

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Multiple porting/firewall/ip/DHCP questions

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I'm still studying up and trying to understand porting and everything as I set up new apps (unifi,bitwarden, plex, etc) on my NAS. It seems that I'm using the default ports for access to most of these: ie, 8443 for BW, 32400 for plex, etc. So my first question is, how do I go about changing the port that an app is looking for? Is it possible to choose a random port to help evade people that are pinging for open default ports?

2nd question: in my DSM firewall, there is a rule setup to allow access to an external IP address (ie, not the 192.168.x.xx network address) that does not match the IP generated for this PC when I check it on This rule was created before I moved to a new house and got a new router, and I do not know what that IP is actually pointing to. Is there any way to find out what it belongs to, or should I change that rule to the IP that I can see now?

3rd question: my unifi controller is currently running DHCP via USG DNS Forwarder. Is there any reason to be running the DHCP on my NAS instead?

4th question: Are there any settings that I should be checking in either the Unifi controller or DSM to make sure that the internal IP for hardware such as my PC or NAS isn't being changed dynamically?

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