Multiple raid-1 groups for DS920+

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Multiple raid-1 groups for DS920+

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Hi, I searched in this forum, in DS920+ manuals, used the RAID calculator, but couldn't find the answer to my simple question:

Is it possible to configure two raid-1 groups, each group with 2 disks?

In a 4 bay model:

HDD slot 0 - raid-1 group 0
HDD slot 1 - raid-1 group 0
HDD slot 2 - raid-1 group 1
HDD slot 3 - raid-1 group 1


When you do this initial setup the default will be to take all drives and make a single SHR-1(one disk redundancy, similar to RAID 1 but can be expanded later with bigger drives without a rebuild) storage pool with one volume. But you can opt to configure this yourself at that point: look out for some question about the storage and performance, here you get to configure the initial drives. It also defaults the file system to Btrfs, which is needed for some of the packages, e.g: Active Backup, Virtual Machine Manager, and Snapshots.

If you only insert two drives then these will be defaulted to SHR-1 and Volume 1. You could then add more drives to the NAS later and decide either to expand the original storage pool or create a new one.

Have a read up about the different RAID types that are supported too.
Why: Maximum data security in case of NAS hardware/firmware failure. With raid-1 data can still be read by other devices.

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