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We have a DS9918+ used as a file server for our small business. When it is accessed by multiple users, response time is significantly degraded. The two main users have SuperMicro PC's with Intel 82574L & 82579LM Ethernet connections. Assuming I can bond the Ethernet connections on the PC's, will I realize any improvement in downloading files when multiple users are accessing the NAS? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Two users should be easy peasy for a DS918+, hard to imagine that two users have significant impact on response time.

Best to pinpoint the bottleneck first:
Outside the NAS: network capacity (switch, router, all GBe?) All drivers up to date? I have seen issues with MS ethernet drivers more than once,
Run nas speed tester from both pc's (and simultaneous) and see what throughput you get.

On the NAS:
- Are network settings standard (MTU, jumbo frames etc).
- check in the resource monitor: The network use, CPU, memory, is it read or write or both.
- which processes are running and is there any process maximising the NAS resources?

If it is proven that NAS Network is maxed out/issue, then bonding may help, there are several ways to set this up, and good manuals on the knowledge base and online.
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On the surface I've sort of run into a dead end anyway. We use Win 10 Pro 64 Bit as the OS for the PC's. The MB's are older SuperMicros with XEON processors. Microsoft, in all it's infinite wisdom, no longer supports 'teaming'/'bonding' of NICs unless you are running a server version of the OS. Supposedly, the Intel PROSet for Windows Power shell may provide a work around, but, from what I've been reading it's a hit or miss proposition.
I will need to go into the office to accomplish some of the items you proposed. It's apparent when the 2 users in question are both using the NAS, there is a significant slowdown. It will be a day or so before I go into the office to check.
Thank you for the suggestions.
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