Solved "music" and "video" shares

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Solved "music" and "video" shares

DS1019+ DSM6
Operating system
  1. Windows
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS
as part of the normal DMS config i have 2 shares that i don't use "music" and "video".
no packages i have installed use them, and they are empty.

are these ok to remove/delete? or does the system need them for whatever reason?
Audio Station and Video Station use them as a default place for their libraries but you can add other folders in the Indexing Service (Control Panel). AS will pick up the 'music' indexed folders in its shared library; VS still needs its libraries to have 'video' folders added to them, using the VS admin setting.
i don't have Audio or Video Station installed, so ok to remove?
i've also removed any indexing that is applied to those folders.

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