Question Music videos/concerts ... AS/VS/Plex best ways to add them

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Question Music videos/concerts ... AS/VS/Plex best ways to add them


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Unlike most other audio and video media there doesn't seem to be a set way to name them. Some are single songs added in audio albums, some are concerts, and have a main file with a selection of extra 'stuff'.

I've assumed Audio Station won't handle video files, so have only do the quickest google search and get generic results for audio.

With Video Station I've reverted to a library of 'Other' type so that is stops thinking that every concert at the Royal Albert Hall (over the century and half of its existence) has been played by Adele ... every ******ing time. But this leaves lots of work to tweak names.

Plex is slightly better by having a Movies type library. Hiding collection items from the library view allows manual structuring. The Movie DB has some tags and images but mostly it's just a bit quicker than VS.

And I'm omitting the cruft that is other music videos that have accrued over the years and no-one's watched. So this is stuff that primarily I'm interested in :)

Has anyone got any suggests/tips how they manage music videos?

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