Mysterious subdir ._DAV in some Synology SMB folders since installing RAIDrive for webDAV access

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Mysterious subdir ._DAV in some Synology SMB folders since installing RAIDrive for webDAV access

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On my DSM 6.x DS412+ I used RAIdrive to get webDAV share going to test alternatives for wider internet access to my files.
Recently on checking some folders in the NAS, new subdirectories with the ._DAV names were created with added suffixes for files like
Glidermatic-GTS-nnn-Prog-New-or-Addnl-Handsets.pdf.dir (see this .dir and also another with .pag appended to references to my real file)

Is this the result of a webDEV connection, created by Synology webDAV process of my DSM OS ?
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I've not see ._DAV files before. I'm now using DSM 7 but don't recall them before on any WebDAV service I've run (Mac OS X Server, or DSM).

I just mounted my home folder using WebDAV in Mac's Finder and copied some files across, and created a new folder. Using Mac's Finder (with '.' files visible), File Station, and SSH'ed to the NAS none of these show any ._DAV files. All that is created on the NAS are the new copies of the files/folder plus some files got the Mac. However, some files but not all get a hidden ._filename.ext on the NAS and this happens whether I copy using Mac Finder or command line using Mac's Terminal. These files get removed when the associate file is removed.

Did you mean a file specifically called ._DAV or did you mean generically, where specific instances would be ._filename.ext?

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