Need advice NAS acquisition advice for babis430: enthusiast, 1500 EUR

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Need advice NAS acquisition advice for babis430: enthusiast, 1500 EUR

Operating system
  1. macOS
  2. Windows
Mobile operating system
  1. Android
  2. iOS
Usage type: enthusiast

Preferred form factor DS (DiskStation)

Number of bays: not sure how many bays

Do you have any existing drives that you plan on using? Yes

Prefered RAID array setup for this NAS: RAID 5

This NAS will be used for: multimedia, utilities (docker, VPN, reverse proxy, web hosting, etc.)

Max budget for this setup: 1500 EUR

Number of users that will utilize this NAS: /

Any preferred network connectivity? 1G, 2.5G, 10G

Where will this NAS be used: LAN and over the Internet

Any special network requirements: LAG, failover

Special cloud provider connectivity: Synology C2
Welcome to the forum!

If that budget does not include drives you can get a great device. Considering that DS is the form factor, guess it would be best to get the latest models.

Atm that would be the new DS923+ (4bay) that has an optional 10G support (that card supports 2.5 and 5G as well), or the same CPU/RAM/10G model in a 5baz version, the DS1522+.

Anything beyond those 2 models would be "older" ones that offer more bays, but it depends what drives will be used and how much raw space is needed. A refresh of the 8-bay model is still pending (DS1823+), as there are no information available.

So with this in mind, maybe some more info in terms of drive capacity and the actual number of drives will help to narrow down the actual model.
Hello Rusty,

Thank you for the quick response.

I am planning on equipping the NAS with 5x3TB WD Red drives in a RAID 5 Array.

I want to use the NAS for documents, family photos/ videos and also as install a Bitwarden Docker container and maybe one or two test VMs. Also I would like to stream music of it.

In the future I may also stream a couple of movies of it.

So a somewhat bigger more performance oriented NAS (5 or 8 Bay NAS system) would not be a problem.

I'd also like to have the data access locally and also over the Internet.

5x3TB WD Red
In this case, DS1522+ as minimum with DS1621+ (6bay) or DS1821+ (8bay) as alternatives. From a HW perspective all are the same with 10G options, so the budget and room to grow will be the main factors.


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