Need advice NAS acquisition advice for ed.j: home, 1000 GBP

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Need advice NAS acquisition advice for ed.j: home, 1000 GBP

DS920+, DS416slim
Operating system
  1. Windows
Mobile operating system
  1. Android
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Usage type: home

Preferred form factor DS (DiskStation)

Number of bays: 2-bays

Do you have any existing drives that you plan on using? No

Prefered RAID array setup for this NAS: SHR

This NAS will be used for: backup, multimedia, downloads (torrents, USENET, WebDAV, FTP, etc.)

Max budget for this setup: 1000 GBP

Number of users that will utilize this NAS: 4

Any preferred network connectivity? 1G, 2.5G

Where will this NAS be used: LAN and over the Internet

Any special network requirements: /

Special cloud provider connectivity: OneDrive

Additional information:
I currently have a DS416slim with 4 x 2TB running SHR. Really pleased with it however there are limitations mainly to do with video.

I use it actively for media and passively for backup:
- music - synced nightly with OneDrive via Cloudsync and then streamed to various devices on the network - works perfectly. no issues
- video - synced automatically with a desktop pc (the source of the video files) via syncbackfree. stream/upload to various devices on and off network. have issues.
- backup - synced on demand with a laptop and desktop via syncbackfree. no issues.

I frequently add a video to the NAS that three people would like to watch simultaneously - me, someone else on the network, and someone else remotely. These files are always at least HD and sometimes up to 4k, and 6GB or more and the 416slim (obviously) really struggles. it only really is able to stream to one device properly at any one time. It often fails streaming a c. 10GB 4k file to a single device.

We recently upgraded to 1Gbps internet and so i think the time is here to upgrade the NAS.

What I am looking for is a NAS that will be able to do the following:

- transcode video on NAS (i'm not sure i'm using the right terminology for this, but essentially if a video file is being watched off-network, i want the NAS to be able to transcode the video to a quality that is acceptable given the receiving device's limitations and network speed).
- ability for multiple users (three max) to stream the same video file, with one being off-site (if that makes a difference)
- I would like around 10TB useable space so I guess this means 2 x 12TB with a two bay or 4 x 3TB (with a four bay) using SHR 1. Four bays seems better from a cost POV.
- I want to be able to repurpose the 416slim as a backup (sync) for the new NAS. 416slim will be offsite and simply pull the video folder from new NAS. 416slim cannot be upgraded to DS7 due to RAM reqts - will this be an issue? I have not synced between two NAS before and so don't know the restrictions.

Willing to spend up to £1k but would rather spend less!

Edit: After reading some other threads it seems additional info could be useful.

The devices streaming the video are:
Local: Windows PC/laptops (regular mounted drive stream) / Android 4k TV (Sony video app connects to the NAS) / Android tablets (DS Video) all capable of viewing 4k and/or I believe the transcoding would be done on device?
Remote: DS Video, and in time I would like to build in (Windows) VPN access but that is beyond me at the moment / was back seat as only I would require VPN access and lockdown meant i was always at home!

I don't use Plex. Begrudgingly use Video Station in order for DS Video to work - I'd rather just be able to go through the folder structure but that doesn't seem possible.

Also really important is that due to where the router is etc, this will be out in the lviing room near the TV. Therefore I need the NAS needs to be quiet. The 416slim is quiet enough so something similar would be great.
The target of 10TB storage:vYou mention the 2-bay with 2x12 TB and 4-bay with 4x3 TB . I'd suggest 4x4 TB is the comparable match.

As for noise in the living room, I'd probably opt for the smaller drives solution. I have a couple of 2-bays with 3 and 4 TB drives (old WD Red [i.e. today's red plus]) and a 5-bay with 4 active 8 TB drives (Ironwolf). The 8 TB drives are more clacky and whirry but all my NAS are in a small office so it's not a problem.

Maybe someone with experience with NAS next to the TV can help, but I'm not sure I'd place any of mine in the living room.
You are very right regarding the comparison.

I think I have settled on the 920+ with 4 x 4TB Red Pro - price per TB is quite a lot less (around 20%) when compared with 720+ and Red Pro disks. I will have to experiment a little with the positioning re noise but I think the lower cost of upgrade (for the disks) is a big plus.

This means that I can use smaller drives as per your suggestion but the actual NAS unit will be bigger so maybe it negates that benefit!

My 416slim is currently pretty close to the TV and you can barely hear it. It's great!

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