Need help browsing a volume.

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Need help browsing a volume.

I have been trying to find a file browser that will let me look at the contents of a particular volume. The browsers on DSM 7 only seem to let you look at some folders that are stored on the volume.

In particular, I have been trying to look at home > volume2 > @iSCSI > LUN

I found a browser app called "File Browser" and installed it. It was able to see the Volume folders but when I navigated to the LUN folder it said I didn't have permission to look inside. (see attached screenshot)

I tried to figure out how to set various permissions on the nas so that I could look into the LUN folder, but I didn't have any success.

I'd appreciate any insights on how to do this type of file browsing.


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Does this have to be an app (or web app) that has a UI? You can access a particular path that you want using SSH protocol with root permissions. This will allow you to have access to it all.

Log into your NAS via SSH client with your default account, and then elevate to root using sudo -i followed by entering your pass again.

From there you will be able to access any path.

If you want this over a web browser or to access it from anywhere via a browser I could recommend ShellNGN (via Docker) as a solution. It will allow secure ssh access using the browser, and ofc gives you access to any other terminal app that you might run.
Rusty, thanks very much for your suggestion. I found a file browser app with a nice GUI in the SynoCommunity apps. I installed it and got it working for the most part but I get a permissions error when I get to the folder I am trying to investigate. I haven't been able to figure out how to adjust permissions on the nas to fix this problem. (see attached screenshots) Would you have any suggestions for how to fix the permission problem? Thanks.


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Haven’t used that one so can’t say anything off the top of my head. You could try and contact SynoCommunity on their Discord channel and ask there. I’m sure they will know unless someone here doesn’t respond before that.

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